Trial Session

We encourage anyone considering music therapy to book a trial session so you can experience first hand what music therapy is all about. So many of our clients have indicated that after experiencing a session, it exceeded their expectations based on the description of our services. We offer trial sessions year round for a nominal fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Trial sessions are available year round for a nominal fee. Please contact us to book your trial session today.
We recommend conducting trial sessions in the environment that will make the most sense for the client. Because everyone we work with is different, some prefer to come to our clinic in Barrie, while others prefer to have us come to their homes.
We do our best to offer trial sessions at days and times that will work best for the client. Depending on the availability of a music therapist, sessions are available Monday – Friday from 9:00am-7:00pm. Additional fees apply for sessions conducted outside our clinic.
Trial sessions are approximately 20 minutes in length.
We conduct trial sessions with individuals of all ages and with any diagnosis or need.
Prior to the session, we have a short consultation where we gather relevant information that helps us identify the preferences, strengths and areas of need for the client. This helps us plan an individualized session for each client. We then conduct a 20 minute individual session.
No. They are designed for you to give it a try without any obligation or commitment.
No. Trial sessions are individual sessions but that does not mean that you must continue with individual music therapy. Many of our clients who have had a trial session then go on to register for one of our group programs.
It is not uncommon for trial sessions to be a bit rocky. It is very difficult, even after an initial consultation, for a music therapist to plan perfectly for a client they have never worked with before. Likewise, a first session can often be overwhelming for a client. If the trial session does not go well, but you can see potential in the service, we encourage clients to book a second trial session before making any firm decisions.
Trial sessions are offered for a nominal fee. Additional charges may apply for sessions conducted outside our clinic.

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