Individual Therapy


Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are suitable for anyone regardless of their diagnosis and needs. Individual sessions allow the therapist to implement individualized programming to support mental health or developmental goals. Sessions typically take place at our Barrie clinic but home visits are available for an additional fee.

Adapted Music Lessons

Adapted music lessons provide an opportunity for individuals with special needs to learn to play an instrument in a supportive and flexible environment. Lessons are taught by qualified music therapists who are experienced supporting individuals with all sorts of developmental, neurological and behavioural needs.

Music Supported Speech Therapy

This programming is offered in collaboration with Speak Freely Therapy Services. Once a treatment plan has been developed by a Speech and Language Pathologist, our therapists implement music therapy programming under the Speech Therapist’s supervision to work on the identified goal areas.

Music is the universal language of mankind.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow