Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

We are conveniently located at 80 Bradford Street (Barrie by the Bay), Suite 564 in Barrie Ontario. Our unit is easily accessed through Door #3 or #5.
Yes. Door #5 offers several wheelchair parking spaces next to the building; the entrance features automated doors and ramp; the washrooms are equipped with wheelchair accessible stalls; and our suite was designed with accessibility in mind and meets all building codes.
Clients are matched with a music therapist based on availability, and who we feel would be best suited to enhance the client’s strengths and meet the clients needs as determined in the initial consultation.


Our pricing is comparable to other therapies and psychotherapists in our region. Pricing varies depending on the service. Additional mileage fees may apply for sessions conducted at locations other than our clinics in Barrie or Orillia. Please contact us for a personal quote.
We accept cash, cheques and email money transfers.
Psychotherapy is now covered by many extended health benefit plans.  Also, some of our services are eligible for reimbursement through SSAH or Passport funding.

Getting Started

We are flexible and do our best to accommodate each family’s schedule. We offer day and evening appointments year round. We offer a limited number of Saturday appointments in the fall, winter and spring.
We encourage parents to remain in the waiting room during music therapy sessions. We offer free Wifi while you wait. There is also a Tim Hortons in the front parking lot of the building.
No. We encourage families to gives the client and therapist sufficient time to establish a rapport before determining if music therapy will be beneficial for the client. This typically takes about 4 sessions.
Provided we receive 24 hours notice, individual services can be cancelled at any time without penalty. Group programs are fully refundable up to 1 week prior to the start date. Group registrations may not be refundable once the program has started.
Before the first session we gather some information about the client, what services you are looking for, and any scheduling limitation. We then use this information to determine which music therapist will be the best match.
No. We will ask you to complete an intake and consent form at the clinic on your first day. 
When you arrive for your first session you are asked to call us to be let in. Next we have everyone sign in at the door. After this, your therapist will complete a COVID screening and take your temperature. Clients are encouraged (but not required) to wear masks, and all accompanying persons must wear masks while in the building.
The first session is used for the client and therapist to get to know each other. During this time, the therapist is evaluating the client’s strengths and needs that will be used when developing the treatment plan. We gather relevant information that helps us identify the preferences, strengths and areas of need for the client. This helps us plan an individualized session for each client.
First sessions are always tricky for both the therapist and the client. Sometimes clients need a few sessions to get comfortable in a music therapy environment. We are patient and experienced in supporting clients through this process. However, we offer risk-free first sessions. This means that if the session is unsuccessful and you choose to not continue with further services no cost will be incurred.

Group Programs

Our children’s groups accept up to 6 participants. Music Speaks has 2 facilitators and the other groups have 1. Our youth & adult groups accept up to 8 participants.
We respect our client’s health information and do not require you to disclose your vaccination status. Some of our clients are unable to wear masks so although we encourage mask wearing it is not required for our clients. All accompanying adults are required to follow mask requirements as outlined by public health.
We encourage independent participation for all our group programs. This is a skill that helps prepare children for school. However, some young children in our Music Speaks program may need time to adjust to this expectation. We work with clients/families to support a successful experience.
Full payment is required at the time of registration for all our group programs (except our ongoing long-term care groups). For sessions that are a set number of weeks payment is not refunded for any missed sessions.

Music can change the world because it can change people.
~ Bono