About Us

As the founder, I would say our story began in 1995, during my Grade 11 music class. That was the day a guest speaker introduced me to Music Therapy, and that was the day I knew I had found my future career.

My elementary school band program provided the opportunity to develop a love of music. Then fate stepped in when I was in high school when a music therapist did a workshop with our music department. From that moment on there was never a doubt in my mind that music therapy was what I wanted to do with my life.

After completing my degree in music therapy in 2001, I returned home to Barrie determined to start a practice in my hometown. Music therapy was not readily accessible in Simcoe County, unless a therapist was wiling to travel north from Toronto. When I started out, very few people had even heard of music therapy and no one really understood what it was. Armed with my passion for this profession and the knowledge that I was truly able to help individuals in a way that was unique to any other helping profession, I slowly began to make my mark.

A decade later, the interest for music therapy services far exceeded what I could handle on my own so I made the decision to grow my team. In 2014, our company opened the door to our very own clinic in Barrie, our team of music therapists grew to 4, and the reach of our services extended to every corner of Simcoe County. As our team of music therapists heads out into our communities every day, I am overwhelmed with pride that from my humble beginnings we are now able to have a positive impact on so many clients lives each and every day.

My personal life has provided me with sources of motivation and determination to increase the availability of accessible and quality music therapy services in our area.  My younger brother has Down Syndrome so I have always known the unique power music has to connect and motivate individuals.  When I became a mom, my understanding of what a client and their family needs from therapy deepened when my children were diagnosed with their own challenges.  I feel strongly that my personal experiences have enhanced the clinical services we provide to all our clients.

Music therapy can make the difference between withdrawal and awareness, between isolation and interaction, between chronic pain and comfort, between demoralization and dignity.
~ Barbara Crowe

Our Approach

At Music Therapy Services of Simcoe County, we appreciate that medical conditions or diagnoses do not define our clients, but are merely one characteristic that contributes to who they are.

Our Services

We provide services to clients of all ages and with a variety of developmental, neurologic, and emotional needs or diagnoses. We offer a variety of group and individual services.

Book A Trial Session

We encourage anyone considering music therapy to book a trial session. This will enable you to experience music therapy first hand in an environment catered to your interests and needs.

Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.
~ Maria von Trapp