Recreational Services

Recreational music services offer opportunities for clients to engage and enjoy musical experiences without a goal-driven process. These services focus on enjoyment and or learning an instrument.

Adapted Music Lessons

Adapted music lessons provide an opportunity for individuals with special needs or learning disabilities to learn to play an instrument in a supportive and flexible environment. Lessons are taught by certified music therapists who are experienced in supporting individuals with all sorts of developmental, neurological, and behavioral needs. Clients can learn recorder, ukulele, piano, guitar, or voice.

Special Needs Music Programming

This recreational-based program focuses on enjoyment, stimulation, and self-expression. Clients participate in a variety of musical activities led by their music therapist including singing, playing instruments, theme-based group discussions, and moving to music. The use of familiar music is customized to the client’s preferences. Programming is offered through individual sessions or small groups with peers.

All our recreational services are eligible for reimbursement through SSAH (Special Services at Home) and Passport Funding Programs.

Music can heal. It can do more than that. It can throw a lifeline to those who cannot be reached any other way.
~ Paul McCartney