Music is powerful.

It possesses the unique ability to awaken memories, to impact physiological functioning, and to evoke emotional responses.

Music Therapy Services of Simcoe County works with clients of all ages and with a variety of developmental, neurologic, emotional needs and diagnoses. In addition to the individual and group services offered at our clinic in Barrie, Ontario, we also work with many long-term care facilities, group homes, and health care agencies and organizations across Simcoe County.

What Is Music Therapy?

Ah…the million dollar question that secretly every music therapist dreads being asked. The challenge is that music therapy can be used in so many different ways, and with so many different types of clients it is tricky to provide an easy to digest definition that is relevant for every potential client and clinical setting.

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There comes that mysterious meeting in life when someone acknowledges who we are and what we can be, igniting the circuits of our highest potential.
~ Rusty Berkus