Group Programs

We are pleased to offer group programs for individuals of all ages. Groups services offer a budget friendly option for families and also supports positive social opportunities with peers. Programming is customized to support the needs and goals of the clients in each group.

Preschool Group

Ages 3 – 5

8 Week Program

Saturdays 9:30 – 10:00am

March 25 – May 13 2023

This group program is for children of all abilities. Participants will gain experience socializing with peers and participating in a group environment through singing and musical play. Parent participation is encouraged.

Music Group Therapy

Ages 5 – 9

8 Week Program

In-Person Group Sessions

Saturdays 10:30 – 11:15am

March 25 – May 13 2023

This group program provides school-aged children with a fun and creative way to approach their developmental, social, and emotional learning.

Music & Mindfulness 

Ages 9 – 13

8 Week Program

Online Group Sessions

Spring Dates TBD

This inclusive program is run by our Certified Music Therapy and Meditation Expert Tiffany Gardhouse. Clients will gain strategies to navigate their big feelings.

Youth Music Group

Ages 13 – 18

8 Week Program

In-Person Group Sessions

Mondays 6:15 – 7:00 pm

March 20 – May 15 2023

This recreation-based group is for youth with intellectual disabilities. Group sessions focus on having enjoyment and strengthening peer interactions. This program is eligible for SSAH Reimbursement.

Online Community Music Group

Ages 18+

1 Hour Online Sessions

Sessions are ongoing and individuals can register at any time.

The online community music group brings together adults with intellectual disabilities. This program offers opportunities for creative self-expression and socializing while having a lot of fun. This program is fully covered by Passport Funding.

Long-Term Care Music Therapy Group

In-Person Group Sessions

At Select Facilities

Sessions are ongoing and individuals can register at any time.

3-5 Group Members – 30 minute group session OR 5-8 Group Members – 45 minute group session at no additional cost.

Our long-term care music therapy groups focus on supporting mental health. For some this is preventative and for others, we offer support to manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, and agitation.